Tha Last day in Madrid Part 1

From biggining to the end, everything in this trip was so much fun. Therefore, I was really not sure what to do on my last day to make it the best day. Even though Madrid was super exciting, the main tourism distract is not so big, so I already had been the places almost everywhere I wanted to go like museums, exhibitions or parks. I asked my friend where to go, then he recommended me to go to Monasterio de El Escorial.
It is the composite facilities including a royal palace, monastery, museum and library located in 1 hour away by train from Atocha station in center Madrid. Such a gorgeous place it is. He kindly check the train timetable and said "you would like it." On the last day on renfe, I was totally excited.
I arrived at El Escorial station. During my trip, Google Off-line Map always helped me but I forgot to resister this area for it. Therefore, I followed people who seem going to visit there. 
(However, I walked so much faster than them so somehow left them behind...)
Note:Google Off-line Map is a function that you can use Google map without wifi only for registered area. That's why I didn't get lost at all.
El Escorial showed its self after 15 mins walking. The appearance was much more simple than I though. It seemed emphasizing the dignity rather than being fancy. Inside structure was a bit complicated I thought, and photography was forbidden. I am sorry that I can not show you how beautiful it was with pictures.

The Royal Palace was very typical style divided into the King's bedroom or Servant Workroom, stuff like that. One thing I was really surprised was that every room has 4 huge different tapestries on each wall. I myself who is very very common person was worried about how to clean them up or what if you get dust allergy kind of stupid things, but anyway, it symbolized that how powerful and rich the nobleman was at that time.

I couldn't get into the church because they had Mass at that time, so I went to see  King's grave. At the very quiet and a bit chill basement, there were coffins for King's or his family's coffins. At last, I visited the library. As I heard before, there were thousands of thick books looks like the one we find at the very beginning of old Disney movies.

El Escorial was such a huge beautiful formal building with lots of old materials and living style.
The word, "Gorgeous" is would be the best word to express this place.


エル・エスコリアルとは、アトーチャ駅から電車で約1時間くらい北西に進んだところにある広大な宮殿+修道院+ 博物館+図書館を併設した、これでもかというくらい贅沢な複合施設だ。「きっと気にいるからいってごらん」といって、親切にも電車の時間まで調べてくれた友人。最終観光日、わくわくしながらrenfeに乗り込みます。
補足:Googleさんのオフラインマップとは、Google Map でオフラインとして登録した一定の範囲内に限って、携帯がネットに繋がっていない状態でも地図が見れたり現在地がわかるようになる便利なシステムのこと。これがあれば慣れない旅先でも迷うことがない。